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Are you worried that your playground surface does not comply with current European standards?

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Are you worried that your playground surface does not comply with current European standards?

It is important to have your playground maintained and regularly inspected.This includes the playground surface which needs to comply with the European standard EN1176.You can arrange this test with the help of our HIC (Head InjuryCriteria) meter…………

The quality of a fall surface can change over a period of time due to weather conditions, extensive use and general wear and tear.

Regularly carrying out an HIC (Head Injury Criteria) measurement of the playground surface is therefore important for maintaining compliance within the European standard EN1177.

With the wireless HIC meter we can carry this out quickly and easily.

In just a few minutes the test can be taken on any surface and the corresponding software package will then generate a complete report.

The wireless HIC meter consists of a metal sphere (a dummy head), that is fitted with various certified acceleration sensors. The HIC value can be calculated by measuring acceleration during a fall and measuring the impact at the moment that the sphere hits the ground. By the dropping a sphere on the floor from various heights, we can measure to which fall height the fall surface has a sufficient impact absorbing value.

Our wireless HIC meter is simple and easy to use linked via Bluetooth to a smartphone we can provide a report within minutes of the test.For accuracy we use it with a fixed tripod and humidity meter.

The data can be sent from the smartphone to your computer at a later date through USB or WIFI .

In addition to carrying out measurements for playground equipment, the wireless HIC meter is also suitable for carrying out measurements for sports surfaces and more recently Rugby pitches

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