Playground Inspections

The importance of playground inspections can be seen in the findings shown in the photographs below. These photographs have been taken during recent inspections in primary schools play areas. The names of primary school sites have been ommitted for reasons of confidentiality.

It is likely that many other play areas in similiar conditions are open for children to play on and are literally an accident waiting to happen.

Protect your children and get your playground inspected annually by a professionally qualified inspector.

Slippery surface caused by algae

Dangerous rotting platform

Rusting sharp hooks protruding from a non-compliant swing frame

Finger entrapments and broken latch at rusting gate

Rotting play panels

Dangerous ramp with missing side panels

Insufficient falling space between roundabout and path – Non-compliant and dangerous

Rope installed at incorrect length causing possible strangulation

Crush points evident between horizontal suspended beam and frame below

Old dangerous play frame still open for use. There are just a few issues which have been highlighted during recent reports and once brought to the attention of the principles then immediate maintenance work can be conducted.

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