Play Area

All outdoor playgrounds are exposed to a mix of weathering, often heavy usage and, unfortunately, vandalism. It is best practice, as recommended in EN1176, to inspect outdoor playgrounds via an organised schedule of daily/weekly (routine), monthly/quarterly (operational) and annual independent inspections. Routine and operational inspections can be completed by suitably qualified ‘competent persons’ within your organisation and Play Services Ireland provides RPII training accredited by OfQual on these inspections. Those successfully completing this training are also registered with the RPII. The European standard EN1176 specifically recommends that an annual inspection is carried out by an independent inspector – this is where Play Services Ireland provide specialist skills. The standard also provides the benchmark against which our annual inspections are carried out. Our annual outdoor inspections service includes:

  • Detailed inspection of all playground equipment and surfacing as well as ancillary items such as seats, fencing, bins and signs
  • Detailed photographic evidence, where non-compliance is identified
  • A comprehensive report, detailing all aspects of compliance or failure for each item of equipment – the report also includes a schedule of required maintenance work

Our reports are acclaimed by clients as providing an extra level of detail. We work closely with our clients and can tailor reports to suit your needs. A sample report can be downloaded here (link to download sample report in PDF). Contact us to discuss your outdoor playground inspection needs in more detail.