Annual Inspection

Annual Safety Inspections should be undertaken to ensure that the play area remains as safe as it can be. These inspections include a review of your current systems & procedures to help ensure maximum protection for your business in the unfortunate event of a claim being made against you.

In our experience, successful defence against claims can often come down to being able to supply adequate records of systems and inspections taking place.

We also include Risk Assessments as part of our inspection service free of charge. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, it is a legal requirement to undertake a Risk Assessment on an Annual basis to ensure the continuing safety of the facility.

Staff Training is also available at the time of the inspection.



Post Installation Inspection

The European standard EN1176 suggests that all newly constructed or refurbished playgrounds are inspected by an independent, competent person prior to use by the public.  Play Services Ireland work with the industry to provide a highly flexible and responsive service throughout Ireland.

If you are purchasing a playground it is recommended that you include a post-installation inspection in your tender specification.  Installers should include an independent post-installation inspection in their programme of work.

If you are an installer, contact Play Services Ireland today to check our pricing for post-installation inspections.  You will find that we are very competitive and highly responsive – we understand that works do not always finish to schedule so we offer great flexibility and are often required to undertake post-installation inspections at very short notice!

A post-installation inspection is your Certificate of Compliance and Risk Assessment and gives you peace of mind that your new facility has been installed correctly, as per manufacturers instructions and is safe for use. If there are concerns highlighted in this report then you can ask the contractor to rectify them before you accept the facility as being complete.

Contact us today to discuss in more detail how we can minimise your risks and ensure that you are operating to industry best-practice.